exits, entrances…

all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages…. william shakespeare

second chapter

i remembered decades ago, when i was still young, i was asked by the host to do an impromptu dance number in our compound’s christmas party while waiting for the judge’s decision for the music minus one singing contest. they started playing a michael jackson dance track (i really can’t remember the song) that made me move in place.  with the pushing and shouting from my neighbors for me to dance, i found myself up the stage. that was the start of my career in dancing.

yes, that was years ago. i started dancing when i was five. i really did not care how i was moving or how people would be reacting to the way i danced. i wanted to move my body. i just wanted to fly.

with my utmost interest in dancing, i joined dance clubs in elementary and high school despite the taboo that only girls can join and or be labeled gay if you are challenging the norm. i really did not care. they can call me anything, i am happy here. and i never stopped – in college, i auditioned for the university based groups and professional dance companies as well.

i never stopped dancing, even if it bleeds. that kept me going and moving. i never will stop.

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dancing is my way to come close to God. its like flying infront of Him.

through the years, improving my craft was my commitment. that kept me grounded and wanting for more. so, i ventured into acting and singing that honed me to become a professional theater performer. the discipline in theater made me more appreciate these stage actors and actresses who later become versatile characters in movies and television shows. this craft is a challenge for perfection because once you get up on stage, there is no more take two.

working in the corporate world now, i never stopped dancing. i am applying the training and the discipline i have with all the mentors i was with like daisy ba-ad, douglas nierras, prof. ligaya rabago to name a few, and all my co-performers. they all mattered to me and made me who i am today. they say that i am strict and firm, but i have a soft heart. through the years i have mellowed down and appreciated life more.

possibly, when i first danced on stage when i was five years old, it was a rewarding experience for me because until now that gave me confidence to face people.

to put me on the loop in this world, i always see to it that i watch live stage performances once in a while.

this experience was part of the journey surviving each day during college where i needed to earn more to support myself. yes, i am aware that there is not much money in dancing, theater, performing. its a struggle. but, i found so much more. i found true friends.

to be continued….



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