my favorite…

i am sharing with you some pictures of my favorite food, eating along with my favorite family and my favorite friends.

bon appétit

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simply biking…

we went to bohol over the weekend and spent sometime with the kids of mimi and doyet who were actually in new zealand for a convention during that time. we had so much fun and time with them. mimi and doyet are no stranger to us. they treated us just like their family. the couple is very, very good and humble people despite their status in life. so, here are our some of the pictures in our biking adventure in bohol.

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around leyte…

hopefully, this would not be my last blog about leyte. i previously featured the san juanico bridge, the leyte landing memorial and rafael’s farm. now, i will be covering the famous leyte park resort, leyte provincial capitol, pino restaurant and the newly opened “the oriental” hotel through my lens.

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love all…

i enjoy swimming, running and biking. these sports will qualify me in becoming a triathlete. though, i have plans of undergoing extensive training in these three, i set that aside for the meantime because, i just love playing badminton.

playing badminton has a different feel for me. the adrenaline rush i experience is just awesome, especially when you play with an opponent who is equally talented as you are. badminton is just breath catching and i enjoy it a lot. unknowingly, i am able to apply my background in ballet and contemporary dancing thru my leaps, turns, footwork and stamina, combined with my strong arms from working-out, i hit the shuttle cock with grace.

most recently, i just wondered why the scoring term in badminton starts with a “love all.” in this twenty-one point rally system, who reaches ten first will have a “love” score as well. i just realized that whoever made this scoring system is reminding the players to love one another in accordance with the rules and regulations set for whoever wins or loses the game. this is “love” for the true essence of sportsmanship. indeed, when you actually join a sport, its not just competing with your opponents. its conquering yourself more for the better and the best.

i would someday become a good triathlete. this is in my bucket list. but badminton came in as a surprise. i really never meant to be damn serious with this.  i believe i started playing this game with people who have so much love to give and were able to encourage me to excel. they were a good support seven years ago and until now. from then, i never stopped playing. i would say that it’s a game full of love because it reminds you all the time even from the start and in the middle of the game to stay humble and be loved.

love not just one. love all.

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