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more liberating

last weekend, I travelled to bohol together with the alfon and the berdin’s.

other than the usual popular scenic spots tour in bohol, one of the itinerary for the three-day vacation was to go to e.a.t. danao or the extreme/eco/educational adventure tour. the ecotourism concept is set-up to benefit the municipality of danao, bohol and its people. a local government unit initiated and managed facility with a huge nature park. the area used to be the base camp of the revered boholano hero, francisco dagohoy, who led the longest philippine revolutionary movement according to history.

it was one of the wish list by the nieces of jet to experience the thrilling outdoor adventures namely; suislide, caving, river tubing and the plunge to name a few. But since we only have a limited time, the girls opted to have the “suislide”  while I and jet chose the “plunge” (we already have tried the suislide four years ago – still in e.a.t. danao).

suislide is basically a zip-line consisting of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on an incline cliff. the suislide has two lines, going forth and back. its starting point is parallel to the sky ride and plunge’s height. suislide is the local version for zipline, a sky ride or a slide for life. sui-slide is coined from the word, “suis“ (the sound of the cable ride once you get to slide) and “slide”. it could also mean for some who is so much petrified with heights to be a suicidal slide. it traverses around half a kilometer from one mountain to another, taking you to less than a minute exhilarating ride.

the plunge is a canyon swing adventure attraction mounted over a 200 meter high and 300 meter wide gorge. a person would have to do a 45 meters free fall before being launched on a pendulum swing measuring to a hundred meter diameter. cable has a maximum working load of 5 tons. now longer (70 meters) more fear some.

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for me, the “plunge” is the best “fear factor” experience amongst the adventures offered. the plunge was even more nerve-racking compared to the suislide. you have to plunge or literally drop to an open air helpless (but the harness is there).  you fall with too much speed making you hold on to your breath involuntarily. before jumping in to the bridge with my feet up, like bungee jumping (aka spiderman), i convinced myself that this is just easy for me. i have tried the roller coasters in universal studios singapore, where you are reversed a couple of times in mid-air as if you fall together with the other riders which was exhilarating. but the plunge is way different – you are just on your own.

others chose not to try these types of adventures because they are afraid. what if? what if? what if something would happen along the way? i respect their choices. to each is own. well, i also have my own fears, but i chose to face them. this is one way for me to overcome my fear of any kind – to overcome stumbling blocks so that when the real situation comes, you are prepared.

this experience made appreciate my life more. its actually more than liberating. its bliss!


simply biking…

we went to bohol over the weekend and spent sometime with the kids of mimi and doyet who were actually in new zealand for a convention during that time. we had so much fun and time with them. mimi and doyet are no stranger to us. they treated us just like their family. the couple is very, very good and humble people despite their status in life. so, here are our some of the pictures in our biking adventure in bohol.

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manoy porting

“maajong pag-abut!,” (bohol dialect) which means “welcome,” were the first uttered words from the fifty plus year old manoy porting when we arrived in the made shift port assembly area for paddle boats en route the mysterious ‘lamanok island’ in anda, bohol, philippines.

mr. fortunato “porting” simbahon was our unforgettable tourist guide in our trip to the island. he shared with us a very infortaining (informative and entertaining) storytelling about lamanok. that is why he is the most sought tourist guide of anda local tourism.

manoy porting started to be a professional tourist guide when he grabbed the opportunity  to be a local guide offered by the government to boost up local tourism. he participated in the workshop conducted by the government of anda in partnership with the department of tourism. With no formal education, this was never a hindrance to him. he is even glad to support and able contribute to the government in whatever way he can.

manoy porting gives you trivia’s, centuries-old stories and myths that he passionately communicate with tourists. there was never a single lull moment when he starts opening his mouth. he combines the information he got from the teachers and shamans and shares it during tour guides. he says his stories mainly focus on the life villagers, fishermen, and fellow protectors of the natural beauty of anda. but, whatever stories he tell, he always say a disclaimer to all the invalidated information so as not to create confusion to history. these stories are meant to inspire everyone to take care of the environment so as to take care of our future.

lamanok island

anda is the cradle of civilization in the philippines, as claimed by some individuals. they believed that people lived there during the paleolithic era. this is evident in lamanok island in anda, bohol where you would find paleolitic paintings on cliffs and prehistoric bones to name a few.

the travel from the main land to lamanok island took us more or less 15 minutes. the group of fishermen entertained us with the local songs thru their guitar and harmonica while on the boat. the women also sang while throwing petals to the sea. plus, I will never forget their dog barking in melodic harmony with them. the whole experience was just awesome.

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commit, meant…

when i say i commit, i meant it. no turning back.

i thought of sharing with you my life, my pains, my struggles, my happiness, my joys starting today. i always believed that we have our own stories to tell — and that each story is unique.

other than the pictures i’ve shared with you in my previous blogs, its right time for me now, to go into details about my life.

gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, transexuals, ladies and gentlemen… (open curtains), here is the story of my life.

first chapter

i would say that life is full of challenges. without it, life would be boring.

i have been thru a lot of hardships in life most especially with money. i worked my way up to finish college. i moved from one university to another. one course to the other. i worked part-time, full-time, seasonal employment, name it, i did all sorts.

my batchmates in elementary and high school already earned their degrees while i was still struggling to live each day and survive. i first took physical therapy in college because for one i can survive in a medical course and second it will open up doors for me in the united states that will pull out my family from poverty. but i was not able to push through because we cannot afford to pay the tuition fee. the company where my siblings worked closed down. my parents withdrew my scholarship from the insurance company even before i graduated high school. they added the money to our struggling business in mindanao. i only took one promising semester of pt and transferred to another private university after a year. yes, i parked for a year.

i was a diligent student in high school and disciplined my way up the graduating class. i graduated with honors. but i have so much discouragement on my part knowing that my family cannot consistently afford to send me to the university despite working very hard in high school. i pity myself but i never complained.

                                                                                                                                                              to be continued…

truly blue…

as promised, this is the first of a series of blogs about my adventures in bohol.  first stop, panglao bluewaters beach resort.

bluewaters resort is known for their first class service and facilities. they first opened in the island of mactan in cebu, with bluewaters maribago. and in the serene island of sumilon in oslob, south of cebu, lies bluewaters sumilon.

bluewaters opened up their third resort, nestled in the heart of panglao island, bohol, philippines.

panglao island is one of the most beautiful beaches in the philippines and the world. it is home to abundant marine biodiversity and sandy white beaches, stretching almost around the island.

bluewaters panglao is a 50 hectare, 50 room resort, complemented by its classy, modern  and proudly world-class filipino architectural design that boost up your stay in this tranquil island, complete with its warm “bol-anon” (bohol locals) hospitality, superior food and excellent service. indeed, this makes them truly blue.

*photos courtesy of kurt nazareno and dr. dorothy dumaluan – thank you so much!

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bohol escapade…

bohol is my second home. i always find time to travel there. the sandy white beaches, the delectable food and the genial people most importantly, make my every visit unforgettable.

this commences a series of blogs about my bohol experience.

photos featuring panglao bluewaters beach resort, tarsier exotika, bophus resort and panglao red palm resort.

***** 5 stars for bohol all the time.

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