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leyte landing

the leyte landing memorial is in honor of general douglas mac arthur and his men located in barangay candahug, palo, leyte in the visayas region, philippines. the memorial consists of oversized bronze statues of the general and his men, including the former philippine president sergio osmeña jr., standing on a manmade pool. this is a tribute to mac arthur fulfilling his promise to return to the philippines  last october 20, 1944 after the japanese occupation in 1942 during world war 2. commemoration and reenactment events are organized annually by the local government and is being attended by national and foreign dignitaries.

thank you papa rey, doc mimi and doc doyet. thank you pangga.

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manoy porting

“maajong pag-abut!,” (bohol dialect) which means “welcome,” were the first uttered words from the fifty plus year old manoy porting when we arrived in the made shift port assembly area for paddle boats en route the mysterious ‘lamanok island’ in anda, bohol, philippines.

mr. fortunato “porting” simbahon was our unforgettable tourist guide in our trip to the island. he shared with us a very infortaining (informative and entertaining) storytelling about lamanok. that is why he is the most sought tourist guide of anda local tourism.

manoy porting started to be a professional tourist guide when he grabbed the opportunity  to be a local guide offered by the government to boost up local tourism. he participated in the workshop conducted by the government of anda in partnership with the department of tourism. With no formal education, this was never a hindrance to him. he is even glad to support and able contribute to the government in whatever way he can.

manoy porting gives you trivia’s, centuries-old stories and myths that he passionately communicate with tourists. there was never a single lull moment when he starts opening his mouth. he combines the information he got from the teachers and shamans and shares it during tour guides. he says his stories mainly focus on the life villagers, fishermen, and fellow protectors of the natural beauty of anda. but, whatever stories he tell, he always say a disclaimer to all the invalidated information so as not to create confusion to history. these stories are meant to inspire everyone to take care of the environment so as to take care of our future.

lamanok island

anda is the cradle of civilization in the philippines, as claimed by some individuals. they believed that people lived there during the paleolithic era. this is evident in lamanok island in anda, bohol where you would find paleolitic paintings on cliffs and prehistoric bones to name a few.

the travel from the main land to lamanok island took us more or less 15 minutes. the group of fishermen entertained us with the local songs thru their guitar and harmonica while on the boat. the women also sang while throwing petals to the sea. plus, I will never forget their dog barking in melodic harmony with them. the whole experience was just awesome.

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rafael’s farm

rafael’s farm restaurant and park is a 30 minute drive from tacloban city, located in brgy. pagsulhugon, babatngon, leyte province, philippines. this is truly leyte’s hidden treasure and pride. a relaxing and cozy place that is truly filipino in design. their sumptuous and rare filipino dishes, ala leyte style, are for you to taste and feast.

i would never forget having the wild boar which I have never tasted in my entire life until that time. it was really yummy. you would not expect that pork tasted that way. its organic pork.

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the next time you visit tacloban city, don’t forget rafael’s farm in your itinerary. its worth the trip. its a must…

san juanico

another dream come true. i have gone to the longest bridge in the philippines (spanning a body of seawater) and considered to be of the most beautifully designed of all time in the country, the san juanico bridge. this magnificent structure stretches from two main lands, samar to leyte across the san juanico strait in the philippines. medium size boats can pass beneath its large main arch the top of which rises 41 meters above the sea.

eastern visayas is close to my heart. this is where my father was born. he comes from palompon, leyte. some of my siblings and my parents have already crossed this bridge when i was still young or long before i was born. i am just so glad to be in san juanico bridge at last.

i simply love the philippines. there is so much to discover and explore. come join me…

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philippe tarsier…

bohol feature #2, philippe tarsier resort.

philippe tarsier is a tropical botanical garden located in the tranquil island of panglao, bohol, part of the visayas region in the philippines. a dwelling place for nature’s  beauty and sobriety. a unique way to experience bounty in the island.

philippe tarsier has a botanical garden, museum and cafe/restaurant. this resort concept were created by patricia and nicolas moussempes.

the experience in this resort is quite unique simply because you would not expect something like this in the middle of an island, known for its sunny white beaches and abundant marine life. we toured around the resort in the morning and had a luscious lunch served by tarsier exotika.

*photos courtesy of dr. dorothy dumaluan

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gentle giants…

the whale shark or popularly known as the “butanding” in the philippines is a great treasure.

the “butanding” in donsol, sorsogon gained popularity when local and international media featured them in news and documentaries years ago. they are visible in open waters around the archipelago, where there is an abundant supply of planktons, though not exclusively their main source of food, which are microscopic plants and animals.

late last year, there was media hype again, when dive enthusiasts started to blog about their encounters with these gentle giants in oslob, cebu. a sudden flock of tourists went to the area and came close and personal with them.

with so much curiosity and excitement, me and my friends agreed to spend one weekend down south for this adventure. we went on a “joy ride”  late saturday morning, courtesy of my partner’s car.

to make our trip worthwhile, we stayed overnight in a barangay resort in alcoy. our accomodation is good, secured and very affordable. the resort is managed by the local government. during the eve of the “butanding” encounter, we partied and went night swimming.

alcoy is popular for their golden sandy beaches, which is around 25 minutes away from oslob – the “butanding” destination.

in the dusk of dawn, we packed and speed up to oslob before sunrise came. in anticipation, there were already groups tenting around the area, waiting to be accomodated first in the line, when we arrived in the vicinity.

as we were seated comfortably facing the sea, we were glorified by the majestic opening of the curtains — which is the sunrise! always delighted to see this miracle all the time.

just in time and “wholaaaa,” we went off to the sea for the encounter.

it is overwhelming to see this creature, that is so big but yet very gentle. i never hesitated to jump from the “bangka,” to witness how this whale shark glides beautifully in water.

aside from dolphins, i like whale sharks too, now…

i am naturally a beach lover and so much more in love being with these friendly sea creatures — respecting, communing and enjoying life together.

* most of these images were taken by a good friend of mine, with so much talent and passion in photography, ms. faye seña.

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truly blue…

as promised, this is the first of a series of blogs about my adventures in bohol.  first stop, panglao bluewaters beach resort.

bluewaters resort is known for their first class service and facilities. they first opened in the island of mactan in cebu, with bluewaters maribago. and in the serene island of sumilon in oslob, south of cebu, lies bluewaters sumilon.

bluewaters opened up their third resort, nestled in the heart of panglao island, bohol, philippines.

panglao island is one of the most beautiful beaches in the philippines and the world. it is home to abundant marine biodiversity and sandy white beaches, stretching almost around the island.

bluewaters panglao is a 50 hectare, 50 room resort, complemented by its classy, modern  and proudly world-class filipino architectural design that boost up your stay in this tranquil island, complete with its warm “bol-anon” (bohol locals) hospitality, superior food and excellent service. indeed, this makes them truly blue.

*photos courtesy of kurt nazareno and dr. dorothy dumaluan – thank you so much!

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cool bicol…

since i was a kid, i always wanted to see the world famous mayon volcano, renowed as the “perfect cone” because of its symmetric conical shape.

its been more than 25 years now, since i first read this on books and saw it on postcards. i am just fascinated by its true beauty when i got the opportunity to see mayon up close and personal.

+ had a comfortable stay at hotel st. ellis, dined in the popular “small talk” restaurant, serving the sumptuous bicolano food, zipped line fronting mayon, chili ice cream as dessert and many more.

*** overall, the trip was great.

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funtastic medellin…

this is my first blog about the queen city of southern philippines, cebu.

i had so much fun with my colleagues during our team bonding activity in the coastal town of medellin, cebu.

more features about my hometown in the upcoming posts.

+stayed in “sea horse beach resort” (good, clean and economical – you can actually cook)

*** overall, the stay is good. the beach is not crowded. travel to gibitngil island was the highlight of the activity.

photos courtesy of la verne salas and christine jarina.

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bohol escapade…

bohol is my second home. i always find time to travel there. the sandy white beaches, the delectable food and the genial people most importantly, make my every visit unforgettable.

this commences a series of blogs about my bohol experience.

photos featuring panglao bluewaters beach resort, tarsier exotika, bophus resort and panglao red palm resort.

***** 5 stars for bohol all the time.

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amazing astoria…

being my first time in boracay, i am just lucky enough to stay in astoria.

their accommodation is superb and the service is excellent. i highly recommend this resort for boracay goers who want a cool place to stay.

thanks to doc cadie and doc clif for bringing us here in astoria.

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curious, discover…

i am very curious by nature. i always believe that there is something new to discover and learn every single moment. i crave for more information.

my blog talks about my daily adventures, travels, gastronomic trips, shoes, people, technology, politics and a lot more.

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